Diggit Clearing, Forestry and Excavation Services

A Culver Professional Services, LLC Company

Conveniently Located in Raceland, LA  70394


  • Clearing, Grubbing and Snagging ~ Brush and Forestry Clearing
  • Land Clearing and Utility & Roadside Maintenance
  • Maintain Agricultural properties   

  • Converting land for agricultural use

  • Land clearing for development   
  • Habitat restoration and maintenance
  • Right of way clearing    
  • Fire prevention   
  • Utility line clearing
  • Clearing & Mulching of overgrown vegetation ~ Brush / Tree mulching
  • Irrigation, Swale, Residential, Farm - Ranch  and related digging (excavation ) including but not limited to shallow sweeping of silt and vegetation
  • Removal of dense acquatic vegetation in canals  LB 250 X3 LF ( 60 foot reach)
  • Rehabilitation of existing and deterioating levees    
  • Breaking and / or  removal of concrete and or asphalt slabs, patios, driveways, etc
  • Ground boring ( auger ) holes for pilings, shed posts, fence posts, etc
  • Backfilling for bulkheads, dirt spreading with tractors and implements


At Diggit we specialize in excavation and land clearing; including tree, brush and forestry mulching 

with powerful hydraulic equipment, operated by a qualified and experienced operator.  Mainly operating on Bayou Lafourche, in the Central Lafourche area we can dig small swale ditches to completing major drainage projects.  The Link Belt 250 X3 LF is available for Bare Rental ~ Contact the office for requirements pricing and particulars.


Office:   (985) 324-1118  Monday to Friday (7:30-12:00 & 1:00-3:30)

Phone:  ( 985) 855-7331 Jac's Cell

email: Dawnl@diggitla.com




Some of Our Services

Services we offer :


Tractor Services: Road ( aggregate & dirt ) spreading / grading w/box grader.  Front end

loader services allowing us to move and relocate dirt, sand, gravel and other aggregate. 

Also, backfilling of bulkheads with material trucked in  or dug at the site.


Excavator Services:  Digging swale & drainage ditches, ditch restoration, vegetation

removal from roadside and pasture ditching, new Levee construction.

Light to Medium  brush clearing with our 48" Mini Ex Rotary Hydraulic Cutter.

Medium to Heavy underbrush and tree mulching with our 30" Diamond Heavy Duty

Hydraulic Drum Mulcher. 


Our Bobcat E 60 is awesome at projects where a small machine is necessary to get

in tight spots, yet have the muscle and HP to get the job done.


Our Link Belt 250 X3-LF sixty foot ( 60') reach is ideal for large projects requiring

extensive reaching ability. Large levee lifts, new drainage canals and levees,

vegetation removal. Also available for Bare Rental to qualified personnel!


We are locally owned and operated and pay close attention to every project. 

We are available to consult with you on your important project.


If you do not see it here, please do not be bashful, ask !!