Bulkhead Back-Filling Project


Back-Filled a customer's bulkhead with provided dry dirt.

Bushmaster MX401-48SL Rotary Cutter is utilized on our Bobcat for Bank mowing, trail management and landscaping maintenance where traditional mowers have difficulty.

Powered by a powerful hi-pressure hydraulic motor, these cutters are optimal for heavy commercial use.

Diamond Mowers 30" Hydraulic Drum Mulcher at work on a levee in Lockport removing overgrown vegetation and trees. This vertisile attachment allows us to optimize productivity and diversify our job opportunities,

Removed small trees and brush utilizing a Bushmaster 48" hydraulic cutter on our Bobcat  ~

More clearing of brush, overgrowth and small trees along side a private road in Valentine.

Sweeping a customers field ditch of built up silt.

Using our Diamond Hydraulic auger to bore holes for pilings for a shed.